Where did Avoid the Day come from?


In February 2017 Jianna and Jason Heuer went for a walk on the beach, passing a car lot on the way that had retail and food trucks for sale. Jianna had always had a dream of opening a bookstore bar and as they walked home Jason whispered “What if you started with a book truck?” The two sat up for hours that night talking about what it would look like, who they could get advice from, and if it would be a feasible business venture. The excitement lasted and they realized they should skip the truck and just go for it. Jianna started researching about how to make the brick and mortar bookstore bar happen.

The name Avoid The Day came from an accidental text. What was meant to read “Have a good day” autocorrected to Avoid.the day. The couple loved this so much (both were heading to work and didn’t want to go, so this struck them as a great slogan for their day, and maybe life). Jason made a painting of it shortly after. As they talked about naming the Bookstore Bar they thought “Why not Avoid the Day?” Avoid the day with a book, a drink, a coffee, an activity, or at the beach. Avoid the Day in Rockaway! The original painting will be hanging in the store when it opens.


We are in the early stages but will hold at least 3 pop-up bookstores in 2017. Next year we will continue to do pop-ups and begin our crowdfunding campaign. With luck, hard work, and community support we hope that by August 2019 we will have raised enough money to open Avoid The Day Bookstore Bar Cafe & Community Space for all to enjoy!


The couple chose the Rockaways as a location for their first home purchase for many reasons, but mostly it was Jianna’s love of the beach and Jason’s wish to find a close community again. While renting an Airbnb in the summer of 2014 they found amazing food, people, and culture. Jianna was hooked and started to research for houses in the area. They bought their home in September 2016 and 9 months later they couldn’t be happier with the choice. Having lived in NYC for over a decade people warned them about winters on the peninsula, but they were pleasantly surprised to find an amazing brewery down the street, restaurants serving delicious warm comfort food all winter, and many wonderful, kind, and inviting locals. Plus they were able see snow on the beach for the first time!

Jianna’s story

Jianna is a Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist in private practice in Manhattan. Jianna had joined the Ladies of Business Rockaway Beach (LBRB) earlier in the winter in hopes of gaining some psychotherapy patients in the neighborhood. At the meeting in March she brought up her idea for a bookstore bar and everyone was really supportive. Most of the people in the group have been Rockaway residents for longer than she and their approval and excitement for a store like this got her really enthused. One member in particular, Rosa Stychek offered to help with a business plan and that was it, she was all in!

Rosa and Jianna started meeting in April 2017 to go over basics of building this business.  Rosa's knowledge and help were irreplaceable and while there was a lot to go over she made it seem manageable. The two have been and continue to work together to keep this vision moving forward.

JASON’S story

Jason is an artist, graphic designer, teacher, and amazing supportive partner in this venture. He currently works out of his home based Design and Art studio in Arverne (and he is very excited to design a book store).
Jason is also a member of the RAA Press, holding workshops for the public and helping to expand the community outreach for the art alliance throughout the peninsula.