Avoid The Day Bookstore Pop-Up at Rockaway Brewing Company at the Beach

Sunday was a beautiful beach day and Rockaway Brewing Company at the Beach was full of thirsty beach goers, locals, and a out-of-towners.

Business was steady all day for Avoid the Day Bookstore and we came away with a good amount of money to donate to Rockaway Rising to help with their Summer Camp. We are over the moon for the kids who get to benefit from our 50% of the proceeds donation!

Our first purchases of the day were made by Joaquin and Tiffany (RBCO staffers) before we even finished setting up. The brewery employees made the day so special for us with their welcoming, supportive, and easy going vibe. It was such a pleasure to share their work space.

From 1:00 to 2:30 the music was jamming, drinks were flowing, and the book store was smiling. People browsed for beach reads, locals who heard about us on social media asked questions, and kids sifted through our children's books. The local author section was quite busy in anticipation of Jill Eisenstadt's reading that evening. 

At 2:30 Rachel Krieger lit up the book nook with glitter and her reading of "This Is Not My Hat." She had the kids enthralled wanting to hear more!

From 3:30-4:30 there was therapeutic coloring time with beer (for adults). It was nice to see everyone so immersed.

At 5pm, the local and acclaimed author of Swell, Jill Eisenstadt, read a steamy passage from her new novel. If you haven't picked one up you should. 

It was a spectacular day overall and we are so thankful to everyone who contributed their time, space, and energy and to the people who came out to support us.

And special thanks to RBCO, Max Power, Tiffany, Shane, Joaquin, Sergio, David, Rosa, Kyle, Rachel, Jill, Abby, Wayne, Jess, and Leigh for their help throughout the day.