Avoid The Day Pop-Up Bookstore is Official!!!

After months of work and contemplation I finally made it down to the courthouse in Queens to apply for my business certificate. On Monday June 12th 2017, a fellow Ladies of Business Rockaway Beach member (Rosa Stycheck) and I took the short drive from my home in Arverne to Jamaica, stopped by a tiny very hot deli and bought a form, checked our bags through the metal detectors and went to the office to make my pop-dreams come true.

Rosa held my hand through the whole process, used her expertise to help me navigate the system, and took this celebratory picture of me afterwords, holding the paper that I need in order to start really getting to work. I can't thank her enough for all the support and help she has given over the last few months.

Check back soon for updates on where and when our FIRST pop-up will be!