Avoid The Day Pop-Up Bookstore at Rockaway Love

Avoid The Day had the joyful experience of spending this past Sunday at Rockaway Love yoga studio. Just being in this gorgeous space makes you feel more relaxed and open to new possibilities.

We had an array of healthy snacks set up, as well as espresso and water on hand for anyone who needed some libations throughout the day.

The day's activities included a yoga for creativity class taught by Rosa Stychek, therapeutic coloring, and a children's reading put on by Rachel Krieger. The people who came out of Rosa's class looked so excited and rejuvenated! It was amazing to see how a two hour workshop can shift people's energy.

The bookshop was bustling with many new customers. It was great chatting with other book lovers and watching people find new treasures to take home with them.

If you haven't been to Rockaway Love for a class-go! It truly is an amazing place with awesome instructors full of positive energy.